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Occlusal Disease

Occlusal disease forms when a patient’s bite is not properly aligned.
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You will work exclusively with Dr. Aruri, who won the Top Doctor Award 2019 by Top Doctor Magazine and website. Dr. Aruri will deliver and oversee every phase of your procedure. You can feel confident you’ll receive his undivided attention and expertise, unmatched by other practices in the area.

Working in a state-of-art dental facility with a completely digital workflow, Dr. Aruri and his team of dental professionals can diagnose, plan, and manage your treatment from beginning to end – all in one office. There’s no need to travel to different offices, meeting with multiple doctors. Instead, get your new smile at one location, seeing only one doctor. Start with your consultation today!
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Dr. M. Aruri

Work exclusively with Dr. Aruri, an award-winning implant dentist who will oversee every phase of your procedure.

Dr. Aruri has a team of dedicated implant professionals working in a state-of-the-art facility who can give you long-lasting and natural-looking restorations in a surprisingly short period, which, of course, saves you, the patient, time, and doctor visits.

We offer advanced technology, such as a 3D cone beam scanner, an intraoral digital scanner, and smile-design software. We can show you your smile before the procedure and deliver it with impeccable precision, predictability, and speed every time.

Dr. Aruri received his Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D) degree from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine (UCONN). He then completed his dental residency in general dentistry at one of the busiest residency programs in New York at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. Schedule your consultation today and see how his approach will change your life.
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ABOUT Occlusal Disease

What is Occlusal Disease?

Occlusal disease forms when a patient’s bite is not properly aligned. Because of the ill-alignment every time the patient bites down the pressure on the teeth begins to create problems with the teeth, muscles, jaw and jaw joint. Occlusal disease is one of the most common dental disorders, while at the same time one of the most undiagnosed dental disorders.

Symptoms of Occlusal Disease are varied. Where the teeth compact upon each other it’s common to find the enamel completely worn down. Once enamel, which is the hardest surface in the body, is worn down the teeth begin to show visible wear quickly. It’s not uncommon for teeth to look very worn.

Teeth can also become loose and move much easier. They will often times become sensitive to temperature changes and they’ll likely become sore from biting. Teeth can also fracture much easier. Beyond the structural damage to a person’s teeth is the damage done to the person’s jaw and joints. A patient’s jaw muscles can become sore and painful and headaches are a common complaint. Dr. Aruri has also found that patients with occlusal disease have jaw joints that pop and click while eating. Not only is this annoying but can be painful.

What Happens If Occlusal Disease Is Untreated
Without treatment a patient’s teeth will continue to wear down and become worse over time. Eventually the teeth can become completely lost. A patient’s muscle and jaw joints will continue to cause discomfort. Overall the complexity of the treatment becomes worse. It’s better to solve occlusal disease as early as possible.
How North Haven Dentists Will Treat Occlusal Disease

Once diagnosed Dr. Aruri can prescribe treatment. Depending on your case it could involve simple orthodontic treatments, mild reshaping of the teeth, restorations of worn teeth or a combination of several treatments. The earlier we diagnose the less complex the treatment becomes.

The key to preventing occlusal disease starts with a through examination and diagnosis. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned please let us know so we can take a closer look. Early intervention will help us to solve costly problems that can be avoided.

What Are My Next Steps For Occlusal Disease Treatment?
If you live in North Haven Connecticut, give us a call. In a short conversation and consultation, we can answer all of your questions about how occlusal disease treatment can help you start feeling great about your smile.

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